Funded Services

Clinic Services

Beat IT

The Beat It program is an evidence-based exercise and lifestyle education/modification program to assist your diabetes management. It consists of twice weekly group-based physical activity training plus fortnightly lifestyle education and nutrition sessions and can be accessed through a GP referral.


Veterans are eligible for exercise physiology services at the consent of your GP.  This exercise prescription can be assisting you in the management of chronic disease/s or post-hospital exercise rehabilitation.  


Some Australians may be eligible for bulk billed exercise physiology services, to aid their health and function.  

Move With Women

The MWW program runs over 9 weeks and includes 60 minute exercise sessions and fortnightly 30 minute education sessions each fortnight. 


Tailored exercise prescription can help keep your body moving and maintain function to improve quality of life and slow the symptoms of your condition.  Exercise physiology can be accessed under the Improved Health and Wellbeing and Improved Daily Living NDIS funding allocations. 


If you have had a workplace incident and require rehabilitation for loss of movement, you may be covered under Workcover.  Exercise physiology intervention can assist in you returning to standard duties and regaining full movement.  You can speak with your case representative to establish your eligibility

Small group exercise 

Small group classes are a great way to ease yourself into the exercise environment and to increase your confidence in doing so.  Our small group classes are capped at either 4, 6 or 8 participants, depending on the class, and are fully supervised by our exercise physiologists.  Bookings are essential. Please call the clinic or visit the book online page. 

1:1 consultations 

All appointments (excluding small group classes) are offered as 1:1 consultations, and can be used to assist with exercise programming, gait analysis, health modification counselling, lung and heart disease management, pre- and post-surgery strengthening or rehabilitation and for pre- and postnatal strengthening.  Our delivery mode is flexible and our staff are excellent at tailoring the consult to assist your individual needs. 

Sports massage 

Sports massage is a targeted massage approach that focuses on specific areas of the body that are in need of healing or relief.  It can assist in reducing the stress and tension that accumulates in the soft tissues of the body during exercise or physical activity.  

Dry needling therapy (DNT)

Dry needling is a treatment technique using a sterile, single use, fine filament needle that is inserted into the muscle to assist with decreasing pain and improving function through the release of myofascial trigger points (knot).  Dry needling assists with decreasing local muscular pain and improving your function throughout restoring the muscle's natural ability to lengthen and shorten. 

Rigid and kinesiology taping  

Rigid taping is used to restrict movement by providing very firm support.  In the acute stage of healing, support of ligament sprains, muscle strains, joint instability and inflammation is beneficial with this form of taping.  Kinesiology taping still provides support of injured tissues, but a certain amount of joint or muscle movement is allowed.  This microscopic tissue lifting action can stimulate both lymphatic flow and blood flow, thereby reducing swelling, bruising and pain. 

After hours or in-home consultations 

We understand your schedule maybe jam-packed and getting to us during business hours may not be feasible or leaving home may not be an option.  To make sure your care isn't compromised, we offer after hours or home visit consultations.  These are accepted by appointment only.  Please call the clinic to schedule.